Cannot change currency

I have created several invoices in my chosen currency (GHS) all with no problem. I need to create a new invoice today and the system insists on using US$ despite the fact I have changed the currency several times to GHS but it does not change. I have tried alternative currencies and they all work fine.
What can I do to correct this please.

You need to furnish more information:

  • Where are you trying to change the currency?
  • How are you trying to change the currency?
  • Are you referring to base currency or a foreign currency?
  • What version number are you using?

I am pleased to say that, eventually, I traced the problem and resolved it.

Originally I was trying to change the currency from default US$ to GH¢ even though all previous invoices had been in GH¢. This I was attempting via ‘Settings’ - ‘Base Currency’.

I decided that as this was a new customer and therefore had no history, I would delete the record and start again. That is when I discovered that somehow, the base currency for this customer had been changed from GH¢ to US$ unintentionally whilst setting up the customer record. It had completely slipped my mind that you can set up a customer with any currency you like.

So, panic over but thank you very much for coming back to me.

Best wishes