Can we have multiple currency in one transaction journal?


I have a transaction journal but done in multiple currency, anyway I can put everything into one journal entry with multiple currency? thanks

You can use any account of any currency in your journal entry but amounts in “Debit” / “Credit” columns must be obviously normalized in single currency.

It would be better to explain what you are trying to record that you think you can’t at the moment.

Thanks Lubos,

Yes, the Debit/Credit must be in same currency. The scenario I am having is the invoice happened to be in multicurrency, so I just want to record it properly anyway for this case I just made 2 separate journal Another scenario is Paypal, someone paid in EUR, but Paypal automatic exchange to USD, so I just made one entry in USD only, and the EUR part I just remark in the description.

Where applicable, Manager will ask for 2 amounts in both currencies. Better show some screenshot where you are stuck.