Can or how do I get a report for customers

I would like to get a report or export into excel what I have invoiced my 20 clients over the last 3 years(2 invoices a year) I would like to know what I charged them what their discount was and what the final amount was. I am wanting to see what the pattern was over the last 3 years.

I think what you want will take a bit of work. Go to the Customers tab and click on each customer’s total number of sales invoices. Export all 20 lists and import them into a common spreadsheet. Manipulate from there. But that will only show the invoice totals. For discounts, you will have to look at each invoice if you don’t know what terms you offered each customer.

You have to understand that, when you use free accounting software, you don’t get sophisticated sales analysis tools. You’ll have to decide whether 20 x 2 x 3 invoices is too may to look at for what you might learn. In my opinion, a maximum of 6 data points on a customer doesn’t make for very interesting or informative trend analysis.