Can Manager recognize invoice numbers from the bank statements?

Can Manager recognize the invoice numbers so that they are automatically recognized as soon as I upload a bank statement in the program?
(same result as a bank rule)

It is an incoming payment, which, seems to me, must be easily recognizable with the invoice number.
Or is this possibility already there, but I have not been able to find it yet?

I am not sure what you mean by invoice number - is this a purchase invoice number or a sales invoice number?

In the first case, the number from the bank statement should be matched with what - the reference number on the purchase invoice? this would depend on you entering the correct number on the purchase invoice. What would happen is two supplier used the same number?

In the second cae, you depend on your customer to enter the number if he pays by bank transfer, or your staff to enter the number when they lodge a cheque. In either case, this doesn’t seem very repliable

Sorry, I mean a sales invoice.

Here in the Netherlands we don’t use cheque, only direct banktransaction or cash.
So my customers mention the invoice number in their transaction.

One or two times a year, somebody doesn’t mention the number, so I have to search for the origin of the payment. But the other times it would be a nice update.

Whether or not Manager can recognize a sales invoice number on an incoming receipt is not important. Bank rules cannot be defined to post to individual sales invoices, only Accounts receivable and Customer. There would be little or no point in defining a single-invoice bank rule, because in most cases you will enter only one receipt against an invoice. Recognizing and posting to the customer’s account, on the other hand, may happen many times. Bank rules are for repeat activities.

Well, I don’t mean I want to make a bankrule for every sales invoice…
But when Manager can recognize a sales invoice number in the note by the incoming payment,
maybe it can put it in the list like a bankrule, so I can see if the recognition is correct and after
the check write it in bulk away

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