Automatically match bank statement with purchase/sales invoice number


Any chance that by importing bank statements it could automatically being matched with purchase/sales invoices to the respective customer/supplier? With bank rules I can match it to the customer/supplier, but it would be nice if it is possible to automatically match it by making use of the invoice number/reference number/number from the invoice.


  • match on purchase/sales invoice to customer/supplier OR
  • in case no invoice number/reference number/number (from the invoice) is being provided it matches to the customer/supplier name (as it is now configured by making use of bak rules)


There are two problems with your suggestion:

  • The exported bank statement is very unlikely to include your invoice number in its description field, so there is nothing to match.
  • Even if invoice numbers were present in the export file, this would require a new bank rule for every invoice.

Your second possibility is already provided. A transaction allocated to a customer’s or supplier’s subaccount by a bank rule, but not to a specific invoice, will automatically be applied to the unpaid invoice with the oldest due date.

If you want to allocate to specific invoices, you can edit transactions before importing them during the review phase of the import process.

Tut, thanks! There is a invoice number included in the description field, though as you mentioned this changes every time…I apologize for this oversight.