Can I set the rate for each employee so it shows on payslip

In the employee tab I do have a custom field called rate1 and I thought I could just go into form defaults and set the rate field to the custom field like I did with the Tax code/type (HTML) but it does not stay there. so is there a way to set the rate on payslips.
The only other posts on this I could find were aprox 2 -3 years ago and I was hoping with all the changes we can now do it some how

Custom fields for employees are applicable only to the employee involved. The rate field on a payslip cannot be linked. You can set the rate under Form Defaults, but you cannot reference a custom field from another tab.

I have in the employees Tab a custom field called TaxType. I have referenced that on the pay slip in the payslip tab
by making a custom field in payslips and putting this in the custom field in form defaults

But I understand what you are saying the rate is not a custom field so it can not be done yet

Are you sure the tax type field isn’t being shown on payslips because of the association with the employee? In other words, that your reference to it as part of the payslip isn’t being ignored?

Umm good point Tut