Can i punch production order

i make a bom and generate a production order .now how i complete production in manager

Completion of a production order is not an accounting function. The production order effectively records completion. Assuming you have sufficient quantities of inventory items on your bill of materials, entry of the production order adds the completed inventory item to your inventory instantly.

But i checked in manager there are no option in manager to link bom in production order.

@Tut already explained as shown in the guides at Use production orders to manufacture inventory items | Manager that a Production Order ads the “Finished item” to the Inventory based on the quantity of items you.selected in the “Bill of materials”. You must be sure that all the materials needed for the “Finished item” are available in the Inventory.

When you then click on the Inventory items tab, you will see your new Finished item listed with the quantity you created in the Production order and the average cost of that Finished item based on the bill of materials you used, as well as the total cost.

Link the bill of materials to what? And how is this related to your question about completing a production order?