Can I get rid of the A in the cash accounts display eg A$ 1,000.00?

Can I get rid of the A in the cash accounts display eg A$ 1,000.00 to display as $ 1,000.00

Cheers on any tips.

If you are using Multiple Currency - then you can’t
If you are only using A$, then set the base currency to Australia and only the dollar sign will display
Or go to Settings - Base Currency and delete A$ and the $ sign wont display either

If I set the base currency to black then the A and the $ disappears as you said.
I am only using Aust Dollars but if I set base currency to Australia then the $A appears. I cant get the dollar sign to appear on it’s own.

Where is the multicurrency setting?

Under About Manager what version are you on.
If I set to A$, I only get $ sign.

The base currency is the only setting, but it then allows customers/suppliers etc to be set as other currencies

Will do an update to latest and try again,

What @Brucanna wrote is true of finished forms, like sales invoices. However, if by “cash accounts display” you meant the Cash Accounts tab main display of account balances, pending withdrawals, etc., you cannot get rid of that without deselecting a base currency entirely.

A change was implemented quite some time ago so that currencies using the $ symbol would only display that symbol, and not any further designator such as A or US, so long as no other currencies were used for customers, suppliers, cash accounts, etc. That was to reduce clutter on finished forms for typical, single-currency users. But whenever a base currency is set, it is shown fully in the ledgers. Reports for single-currency businesses don’t show any symbol (like the BS or P&L).