Can $0.00 journal entries be set to blank out in settings?

I am wondering if there is a setting to blank entries in the journal entries that show $0.00 so that such fields would show as empty?

These would be in the columns “Debit” and “Credit” for example.

Why would you ever have a journal entry for $0.00? Even if you are not spending or receiving money, such as when clearing an expense claim to equity, an amount is involved.

Let me clarify,
When you enter a figure in the credit column, the debit column is automatically populated with $0.00 and like-wise, when you enter a figure in the debit column, the credit column is automatically populated with $0.00 Id very much like the option to automatically blank these fields instead of showing $0.00

If this setting actually exists can someone please let me know? Running desktop version.

I can’t reproduce this. When you are creating or editing journal entry, Manager doesn’t auto-populate credit or debit fields with “0.00”.

Unless you are talking about Debit / Credit columns on list of journal entries. In that case it would make no sense to hide 0.00. It is shown and colored red to highlight that your journal entry is actually not balanced.