CAMT.053 instead of MT.940

I just learned that a major bank in the Netherlands will stop the use of MT.940 and will support CAMG.053 instead. is not supporting this format as of yet. When will this be the case?

This is for the developer to determine, however, I don’t think that that’s out of this realm.

Can you provide an official resource on this new standard.

Do you mean CAMT.053?

CAMT.053 seems to be the equivalent of MT.940

It’s just XML file after all. Support can be easily added. I just need some bank statement examples in that format which you can send me to


Hi Lubos,

I just sent you an email with a download of bank statements.

kind regards,

Bart Den Dulk

Which Dutch bank does stop the support of MT940?
@Lubos All Dutch banks support the CAMT.053 format for business bankaccounts.

ASN bank (which is part of SNS bank so I presume the whole SNS group wil make this change).

I more or less have the same issue.
Im not the expert on digital bank statements, but it seems like the CAMT file format is an updated and more standardised version of MT940