Buy pack sell separately

Hi, I’m running a computer shop.
Sometimes I buy items as packets which include 3 items.
I sell these separately and as packets.
Ex. 3 battery pack is 3500, but 1 is 1500
How can I enter this in inventory?

You have three options:

  1. Create two separate inventory items: a single item and a 3-pack. Stock and sell them as though they were different.

  2. Buy 3-packs and use production orders to convert some to singles. This also requires stocking and selling two separate inventory items. See the Guide: Manager Cloud.

  3. Buy the 3-packs, but enter them as 3 units of a single item. So you only need one inventory item. Then create an inventory kit for situations where you sell the 3-pack. See this Guide: Manager Cloud. When you count inventory, you will count each unopened 3-pack as three separate single items.

This one is fine for me.
Thanks Tut