Bulk Update not working

I use Linux Manager
After imported a file the bulk edit tick boxes are not being displayed as in image attached



Which edition and version are you using ?
If you click on the double arrow - left hand side of “Customise” - do the tick boxes appear ?

Clicking on the double arrow doesn’t work.
I am currently using Arch Linux and Manager is updated via Updates. Using v18.4.16.


There is no reason the double-left arrow would have worked. That is for small-screen mode, which collapses the left navigation pane by omitting tab names.

@muffin, it is worth updating your software, just in case there was a temporary bug with v18.4.16.

Re: Clicking on the double arrow. You suggested that I do this.

No, @Brucanna suggested that.

I meant “the forum “ collectively. Sorry for the confusion.

Interestingly there is no problem when I use Linux Bionic Beaver, but Arch Linux is affected, so it’s probably a compiling issue.


Updating to 18.4.35 and compiling has not fixed the problem

I use Manjaro Linux, and ran the version 18.4.36. I installed from AUR and have no Button BULK UPDATE in my Bank Accounts.
I am confused.

You should only install updates from Download | Manager.

You are not going to see a Bulk Update button until near the end of the bank statement importation process. See the Guide: Manager Cloud.

With the greatest respect, Tut, this comment is useless. There is no problem with the import. My screen shoot everything to be ‘normal’ apart from Maneger creating bulk edit tick boxes.
Installing from the AUR does install Manager- it doesn’t compile properly - which is the reason for this topic.
How would you suggest Arch Linux users install Manager from Download | Manager?
The source code provided may be an answer but I don’t know how to do this. Extracting the …tar.gz file, changing directory and running makepkg -S doesn’t work.

Somewhat perplexed.


@muffin, I am sorry if you misinterpreted my post. For some reason, Discourse (the software platform underlying the forum) does not always show to whom moderators are replying. For example, I cannot be sure, as I reply to you, that the reply arrow and your avatar will show on the finished post: 47%20PM, even though I see them as I write.

At any rate, I was responding to @hanny’s brief statement that there was “no Button BULK UPDATE in my Bank Accounts.” I was trying to make it clear that the button was not normally visible in the Bank Accounts tab, but only appeared during an import. There was not enough information in @hanny’s post to know where the button was expected. Evidently, however, @hanny’s problem was different from yours, because you are not missing the button, but rather the checkboxes. So @hanny’s situation may stem from misunderstanding the import process and be completely unrelated to Linux installation. Or, it could be a different manifestation of the same issue. Without seeing more information from @hanny, we just don’t know.

I was definitely not implying you were personally doing anything wrong during imports. You clearly have encountered some issue, because part of the display is missing on your screen. Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about Linux, so I can’t help with your problem. I can tell you, though, that no one else has lodged the exact same complaint, so it is difficult to know where the problem lies.

@ Tut I think we just misunderstand, I do not have this button, but that does not mean that I have a problem. Probably the button only appears if you really make imports. Sorry, that was my mistake.
Since you do not have pkg.tar.xz in your download branch, it is better for me to continue updating from the AUR.

That is correct.

It isn’t “my” download branch. I’m just a forum moderator and have nothing to do with developing or distributing the software. And I’m a complete idiot on IT issues. I don’t even know what AUR stands for. My understanding only extends to what the program does (or is supposed to do) after you get it installed.

Hi Hanny
I suggest you make a test account and import into into it. Every
transaction should then be suspended and a bulk update button wil be
In my case I think a module controlling tick boxes is not being compiled or
installed properly so I can’t select and bulk update…

Lubos hinted in a previous thread that the Linux installation process would be overhauled soon. Hopefully this will then solve my problem. If opthers out there using Arch Linux don’t have a problem then my Arch Linux installation my be damaged.

Thanks for everyone’s comments and all have a nice weekend.