Bulk Update & Custom Field in Capital Accounts

I want batch create/bulk update in Capital Accounts Tab. This might seem unusual as Capital accounts are limited (like partners) but I have a different scenario.

I am trying to make a structure of Provident Fund (PF) Trust which has around 150 Employees. Each month certain amount deducted from Employees Salary and the same is contributed by Employer which is transferred to PF Trust.

Now I wish to create batch of capital accounts of employees where their funds are received/recorded separate on a monthly basis.

Also I want to have custom field option in Capital Accounts like Employee Code, Date of Joining of Employee, Date of Confirmation and other information pertaining to Employees in Capital Accounts.

Zain Hemani

have you checked the below topic? maybe this would be what you need.

A provident fund is not a capital account of the company. Using capital accounts that way is completely inappropriate.

That is helpful but that is for the company and I am talking from another perspective i.e. separate entity of PF Trust which is receiving Contributions from Company and its Employees and investing the same in different avenues. So I found Capital Accounts helpful in this regard as there is a report of Capital Accounts Summary. Capital Accounts also have Capital Sub-Accounts (I have created multiple sub accounts like Employees’ Contribution, Employer’s Contribution, Return on their Contribution, Contribution Withdrawals, Loan from their Contributions etc.)

So It makes easy in reporting and managing.

Logically and Technically Contributions of PF are marked as Equity Accounts and Employees are the owners of their balances therefore recording in Capital accounts is more appropriate.

I misunderstood that you are creating a set of accounts for the trust itself.

There is no way to do either of the things you want with capital accounts in Manager. That really is not what the feature was designed for. Your application is so specialized, Manager might not be a suitable application.

Yes, Very Much Correct.

But Manager should have some common option for most of the tabs like Batch Update/Create or Import, Export, and Custom fields for most of the tabs.

That would make Manager multi purpose and less cumbersome.

Another option: Bulk update of all Uncategorized transactions while running bank rules instead of individual page wise update (in case of multiple pages)

At least these recommendations should be marked in Ideas category for future action.