Bulk inventory

I was curious if there were any information on how to add and break down bulk inventory. As far as I can tell there is no way to buy in bulk from a supplier and sell in bulk with a flexible price.

must all bulk inventory items be broken into standard units? I noticed you can sell a percentage of inventory products but I can not adjust for the mark up… I stand corrected, you can enter a ( -% ) in the discount field. hmm well if there is a way to add markup i’d still be interested.

It’s possible. First, create inventory item as it’s purchased from your supplier.

To break inventory item into smaller units, create inventory kit. This way you can buy from your supplier boxes while selling customers units within boxes.

See: Manager Cloud

If Possible instead of having to go through an entire another page to setup and break down bulk inventory, it would be more efficient to have inventory items set up to have the way it comes in from the supplier, then in another box have how it is sold for example,

Inventory Code: REF-R134a
Inventory Name: 134A Refrigerant
Supplier Unit: Bottle
Purchase Unit: LBS
Number Of Purchase Unit Per Supplier Unit: 25
Purchase Price:1.00
Sale Price: 1.50

Then On invoices once I sale 25lbs, I will Drop 1 bottle in inventory on Hand.

You don’t need any additional capability. You can either buy in the units you will sell, so buying one bottle is recorded as 25 lbs, or you can use production orders to convert one bottle of refrigerant into 25 one-pound units that are inventoried and stocked as a separate inventory item. When verifying inventory, only full bottles are counted as bottles. Partial bottles are counted as pounds.