Bulk Import, Update Delete

This feature works great. Only one thing is when you download the Template the column “UnitName” imports as “Qty”.

I went through few update to figure that out because Qty was showing the name I assigned to the Inventory item.

UnitName imports as unit name. What you see is that when you look under Inventory items tab, it will show unit name next to quantity.

Yes that is correct but when you download template there is no QTY column. Only "Unitname’ is there. When you populate “unitname” and import again it the puts that into QTY of the inventory.

Template Downloaded:



That’s correct. UnitName will show next to quantity under Qty column.

For example, if UnitName is kg and quantity is 55, then under Qty column you will see 55 kg

Ok that make more sense. May i suggest then renaming that tab in template to QTY/Unitname so someone that does this the first time will know to out 10 or 10kg for example?