Bulk import accounts


Our organisation works with an extensive accounts structure that consists of 4000+ accounts, excluding groups and subgroups. Can we import this structure using a bulk import tool, instead of spending three weeks of manual labour?

Best, David

Not possible

Manager is aimed at small companies so that a company with over 4,000 accounts would not usually be a target customer as that seems to be beyond the size of most SME’s accounting structure

If the most part is (AR/AP) accounts just use batch create to upload them to the software after you setup your chart and control accounts

In accounting this is labelled as a common problem with having too many general ledger accounts. You can Google for common problems with Chart of Accounts and for example How to improve your chart of accounts — AccountingTools help also with solutions. As you are changing over this may also be the right time to change the structure (i.e. general ledger).