Bug with entering unit names for inventory items

From @Genti_Ge:

… i think this is a small bug, i cant put m2 or m3 in unit name, when i imput it and update it show only m wihout the numbers
the only way to do do it is with batch update export all change in excel and insert in manager

I can replicate this bug. For example, when editing an inventory item:


After updating:


Fixed in the latest version (18.9.25)

Now something else happens. When trying the same thing (entering m2 or m3), nothing appears. The Unit Name field reverts to Optional. I have moved this back to the bugs category.

While you are at it, this field label is inconsistent with the rest of the program. Both words are capitalized instead of only the first one.

@Tut i was able to change them in desktop version 18.9.26 can even add ‘m2 thing’ and all appears

That’s the version I tested, too. I just repeated the test, even using your “m2 thing.” It reverts to Optional. I am on a Mac, macOS v10.13.6. Maybe the bug is operating system specific.

Well, this is bizarre. I confirmed again that I was running version 18.9.26. I closed and relaunched Manager. The problem remained.

On a whim, I downloaded and reinstalled version 18.9.26. Now, the problem has disappeared. I even verified the program is still the same version.

Is there any possible explanation for this besides a corrupted installation, @lubos?