Bug with duplication of Custom Fields in customer statements

We added a custom field on Customers for bank details.

When you create a customer statement report this field is duplicated. I can’t find a way to fix it or change it.

Hope this information is good enough.

Check in Settings under Custom Fields. Look for the list for Customer. Make sure you did not accidentally define the custom field twice.

Assuming you did not, are you using a custom theme? If so, switch to the in-built Plain theme. If the duplicate field goes away, the problem is with your custom theme code, which is looping through the custom fields section twice.

Also, does this happen on any other customer-related forms, such as sales invoices, sales orders, sales quotes?

I suspect this is the most likely answer here.

I have checked there was never a theme setup or change. It looks like this is the only form it happens on.


@lubos looks like this is a bug.
I can reproduce this issue on version 17.10.88

@durkpotgieter do you still have this issue on the latest version?

EDIT: issue still persists on version 17.11.22

Im on cloud and checked again this morning it still the same.

I was able to reproduce this, too. Two additional details:

  1. The bug is not restricted to paragraph-style fields.
  2. The but does not affect supplier statements, only customer statements.

Fixed in the latest version (17.11.23)