Bug with bank and cash account starting balances

There is a bug affecting both bank and cash accounts when a starting balance is entered but later removed. The problem is illustrated for a bank account below, but exactly the same thing happens with cash accounts.

A bank account with a starting balance:

29 AM

shows properly in the Bank Accounts tab:

12 AM

If the Starting balance box is unchecked without first deleting the number:

04 AM

the balance is unaffected:

30 AM

and the starting balance transaction remains on the account ledger:

11 AM

However, if the starting balance number is deleted first:

50 AM

and then the box is unchecked, the balance is correct:

03 AM

In other words, the presence or absence of the checkmark is not controlling the use of the starting balance. It is only controlling whether the starting balance is displayed on the account editing screen. The value in the numerical field is being used whether or not a starting balance is desired.

This bug will affect users who incorrectly enter starting balances for bank and cash accounts and then attempt to reverse them, but do not realize the checkbox is ineffective.

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Thanks. Fixed in the latest version (17.10.74)