Bug in transaction level forex

I’m on the cloud version.

This morning, I noted that one of my supplier’s balance had mysteriously increased from -₹ 511,073.00 to -₹ 517,235.73

After comparing the current SOA with an old copy of the SOA, I managed to narrow down the discrepancy to this journal entry below.

I clicked on the edit button to make sure the manual forex I had previously entered were consistent with my records. Unfortunately, the manual forex entry box appeared only for the second line, and not the third line, although the supplier is the same.

So I decided to replace the third line with a new entry with the same input hoping the manual forex box would appear. To my surprise, the moment I clicked on add new line, the manual forex box for the third line appeared with the correct forex I had inputted at the time of original entry.

Now, when I save the above journal with the redundant 4th line, the supplier’s balance appears correctly, as shown below. If I remove the 4th line and save, the balance reverts to ₹ 517,235.73.

See this topic: Journal entry not using transaction-level exchange rate - #4 by lubos

Thanks @GrahamvdR for the link.

I hope the problem is fixed soon though, rather than relying on the workaround.

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In the latest version (20.06.45), the supplementary amount is no longer hidden on the last line of journal entry because new versions of Manager don’t have this limitation anymore.

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I’m just glad I am not the only one that had this problem. It’s nice to find the solution.