Problem with old sales invoices

Having same issue in sales invoices, suddenly many invoices reciepts are gone and they are showing pending even from 800 days + which are very old despite we have lock date set @lubos
Please can you check

@fahadalarab Your issue is unrelated to this topic and should be posted to a new topic with an appropriate title if you want others to see it and help you. But before you do that, do these two things:

  1. Make sure you are using the latest version. There have been many updates and fixes in the last week.
  2. Search the forum for other topics discussing your issue. I seem to recall seeing others having similar problems following recent updates, and these have since been resolved with further updates. I could be wrong on this. But regardless, search the forum before posting, as any problem with the software causing issues like this would surely have affected other users too, and it has almost certainly been discussed and addressed.

If you are certain that your issue hasn’t been addressed on the forum, then start a new topic with a descriptive title and include details such as the software version number you’re using, the edition (desktop, cloud, server), your operating system, and any changes you made to your system or business that could have triggered the issue, such as an update or edits to your accounts. Then post screen shots of the problematic transactions and their edit screens.

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@fahadalarab, I moved your post to a new topic. Please, in the future, do not divert topics with unrelated questions. Your problem had nothing to do with foreign exchange.