Internal Error - Bank Accounts - Bug

Hi @lubos,

I’m getting this error when I click on Bank Accounts

I’ve just discovered that is linked to the activation of Capital Accounts as Control Accounts.

It happens when all the Capital Accounts are redirect to specific Control Accounts. If I leave one Capital Account not linked to a specific Control Account and leave it to the “system” one everything works fine.

I moved this to the bugs category.

Can you clarify a bit? Does the error occur as soon as you click the Bank Accounts tab? Does the error depend on having new or previous bank transactions referencing a capital account?

  1. it happens when all the capital accounts are linked to custom control accounts. If one is linked to the default one everything goes fine
  2. actually I don’t have any bank transaction… I’m inserting starting balances to setup a new business. So no previous bank transaction unless you consider a starting balance a transaction
  3. it happens as soon as I click the bank account tab

Thanks. I can reproduce the bug exactly as you describe. One more bit of information is that it does not matter whether the single capital account assigned to the default Capital accounts control account is active or inactive.

Could you check if the latest version (18.7.53) is fixing the issue?

Yes, it is fixed.