Brewery inventory

I need little help. I run a brewery and each brew i make a new inventory item with different bottle date some more custom fields, I then put the quantity "Starting balance as at " Qty on hand and i use Average cost for the price that i sell the bottles.

I know now that that is not a good idea for managing this…

So i ask you what is the best way for me to manage each bottle day, i get new inventory item and then i use it when i sell beer i make Sale invoice and mark it as inventory sale

so actually i think i need to have one item for product and some new area that i can add to inventory item after each bottle day. I could use Purchase order but i don´t think that makes sanse,

any ideas?

There is a tab called Production orders which you should be using to “manufacture” new inventory items.

Starting balance is only used once to establish starting balances on the day you start using Manager.

Definitely not purchase orders. That’s something you send to a supplier to order something. When they deliver it and send you a sales invoice, you enter that as a purchase invoice. You would use those features for buying ingredients. Besides, a purchase order does nothing to quantities in your inventory records or your finances; it just places the order with your supplier. But neither is appropriate for your beer because you are not buying the inventory from anyone, you are making it.