Boundary line missing when printing with Print button

The following was originally buried in a response to the topic about the new PDF button. I have separated it to be sure it gets noticed:

When printing forms with the Print button, the right side boundary line is missing, at least on macOS. The result is identical whether printing to paper or using the built-in macOS print-to-PDF capability. The screen views look fine.This seems to happen on everything that has a boundary line except delivery notes, payslips, production orders, journal entries, customer statements, and supplier statements. See this example from a sales invoice:

The PDF generator does not seem to have this problem.

Can you check in the latest version (16.11) whether issue is still there?

The problem has been fixed. However, margins are now much larger all around when printing from Print button than when a PDF is generated. Pagination is also different. And you are back to a place where headings do not carry over to second page of the sales invoice.

Unfortunately there is not much I can do about Print button as a lot of it is out my control and depends on which operating system you are using.

This is why I’m working on this PDF generator so the documents generated by Manager will be consistent across all operating systems. My position on Print button is that if it works, then great. If it doesn’t, use PDF or Email buttons instead.

If margins are too big when using Print button, you can decrease them all the way to zero (so your OS doesn’t add extra margin on top of what Manager is adding).

That’s something you can’t do on a Mac unless supported by the application. So you can do it in a program like Word, but the capability comes from Word add-ons to OS capabilities.