Boolean as Custom Field Type

Would it be possible to add boolean as a custom field type so it could be used as a checkbox?

You need to further explain what you mean. “Boolean” is typically used as an adjective, referring to something related to a particular system of algebra. So you might have Boolean logic statement operators, such as AND, OR, & NOT. Or it be used as a noun referring to a variable within such an algebraic system, often one that is either TRUE or FALSE.

Custom fields in Manager are informational content. The various types (text, list, date, number, etc.) are simply aids to data entry and content interpretation (primarily for display purposes). But the program does not use the custom field content in any way, because it cannot anticipate why you might use a custom field.

So entering something “Boolean” in a custom field would be pointless. For example, suppose you entered the Boolean operator AND in a custom field on a sales invoice. What would be the effect? Nothing. What AND what else? For what purpose? The program does not require and could not use any such result.

You also mention using a custom field as a checkbox. Checkboxes in Manager enable features and functions that are normally hidden or need to be selected. For example, checking a box indicating an item can be sold when defining a non-inventory item enables sales-related functionality for that item and causes it to appear in lists of items selectable on sales-related transaction forms. Custom fields are not tied through coding to other functions in the program. So they cannot be used as checkboxes.

“In computer science, the “Boolean data type” is a data type that has one of two possible values (usually denoted true and false ) which is intended to represent the two truth values of logic…”

Yes, entering AND, OR, NAND or XOR into a field would definitely be pointless.

But entering boolean data would not be. Usually represented by true/false, yes/no, 1/0, it could easily be stored and later displayed as a checkbox in html.

It would be generic enough that lots of users would find it useful to aid them in their internal processes.

Here’s a mockup of a checkbox for a custom field:


You can already do that. Use a drop-down list. The options can be True/False, Yes/No, or even reviewers names. The content of the field can even be HTML code.

You should not hold out hope for additional features duplicating those already available. The content of such a field might be a Boolean data type to you, but to Manager, it would just be characters in a string.