Bonus need deducted from inventory list


I have started a distribution business recently and after R&D I have to find the best accounting software for my business that Manager

In our distribution business, the distributor is allowed to provide one item free of cost. like customer order 12 quantity of 300ml juice bottle then the distributor is given 1 qty 300ml juice bottle to customers. so how I deduct the 1 300ml juice in invoice and inventory list. but

I have faced an issue in the invoice when I create invoice with bouns to the customer then every invoice can not deduct the bouns from the inventory list. which is making me in trouble while reconciling the system inventory report and physical status of the juice bottles.

Can anyone guide me on how to resolve this issue?

Can you show the edit screen of the invoice with the bonus item?

I suggest you add the bonus free item to the invoice with a selling price of zero

here is the simple. but dont be confues in scheme/bouns

so here in image invoice has 13 qty but inventory has deducted only 12 qty.

Where is the 13? you have Qty 12

You need to add a second line with a quantity of 1 and a price of 0

Is there Any way developer can add new field in invoice with name of scheme/bonus/gift etc. as well any Qty mention in the box which also deducted from inventory list.

Using the discount(exact amount) option may provide the solution.


Thanks for reply AJD

we have some customer where we already provide the scheme with a % discount as well. How i can manged both scheme and discount at the same time.

Tricky! This is my best shot. Enter second line with 1 item at unit price of zero.

This has already been pointed out but not understood

I apologize @Joe91. I should of read your post more carefully. It does expand on the idea somewhat as it also shows how to display as bonus item together with percentage discount on first line.

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Thanks for help!

For time being i will use the suggested option but wait for developer to add more option in App.


I believe you will be wasting time waiting for something that the program already allows you to do. Delivering bonus items to customers is no different from selling them at zero price or 100% discount. You can edit the line item description to call it whatever you want.

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@Abdul_Raziq need this type of module , and I have also facing this issue in Manager & many other accounting software that’s is why I am using Access base software only for one issue.

@aman_syed, the type of separate process you show in your screen shot is entirely unnecessary in Manager. As already explained in this old thread, zero-value or bonus sales can already be handled with existing capabilities.