Billable time with employee identification

Hi everyone!
Is there a way to track billable time with reference to an employee?
Thank you.

Add a custom field for the employee name.

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Thank you so much Tony

@tony Is this giving direct tracing to employees in the employee list? So far I could not see that happen. Thanks

You will need to create a custom report.

My question is regarding how to input an employee whose time is billable. This should ideally come directly as the customers are shown in the interface of billable time. Would there be someone who could shed some light on this?

there is no link between the employees tab and billable time tab.
if you want to track which employee worked for your customer, then create a line item custom field or regular custom field for your sales invoice with a drop down list of your employee names.
after invoicing the billable time to your customer, edit the sales invoice and select the relevant employee in the custom field.
then you can use the Sales Invoice Totals by Custom Field report.

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Thanks @sharpdrivetek for your support. Considering a delegated environment where editing is disallowed (a client request), isn’t there anyway team can consider this as an idea?

i would like an opinion from @lubos about having the ability to link employees to relevant tabs like Customers, Suppliers, Sales Invoices, Purchase Invoices, Billable Time, etc.

most business would like to track which employee is the point of contact for a transaction. also, it would be helpful in scenarios where the employee earnings is calculated based on the work completed over any period of time.