Billable Time questions

Could please check again in the latest version (14.7.69)?

Sorry, same problem with 14.7.69

Found the problem. Version 14.7.70 is now fixing this issue.

It is fixed indeed. Thanks!

Gentlemen, Still on this question of Billable Time Invoicing; I also would like to show the date of each billable line item on the invoice. Is that possible? Its just that I subcontract my labour to a firm, and the invoice without item dates is irreconcilable to my customers.

Actually, forget the above; I just downloaded version 14.8.12 today, and notice that the date is included, but not the Hourly Rate, as discussed a little earlier above. Any chance of that coming?

There is more work to be done on billable time module. In future, “Hourly rate” will be on invoices included in its own column.

I have this situation on Billable Time

I already have an account setup for my business. I’ve created two billable times items and invoiced them. Went to that invoice and after changing the account from “Fees from work in progress” to my account, those two billable time items are stated as “Uninvoiced”.

Can you update the application to have the possibility to create these billable times items linked to an account? I’ve also seen the amount it’s doubled in the Summary Reports. Any reason why? I guess I don’t understand the idea of Billing Time.

You must use account called Fees from work in progress, don’t select different account on invoice line item which is for billable time.

If you don’t like the name Fees from work in progress, go to Settings tab, then Chart of accounts and rename that control account to something more suitable to your business such as IT services.

There is a good reason for all of this. In a nutshell, Billable Time is subsidiary ledger and therefore if you want to interact with this subsidiary ledger from invoice-level, you need to use specific subsidiary ledger accounts. It’s the same reason why Sales of inventory items account must be used when selling inventory items.

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Got it.
Thanks a lot

Can the present limit to the maximum number of billable hours for an entry be increased to 999?

Is this implemented? I need to add the VAT without doing it for each individually, but I cant find it

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I don’t mind but what is the use case? Usually the point of Billable Time is to record entries as you go and then invoice them at once.

Yes it is. Go to Chart of Accounts, click Edit on Fees from work in progress account to set default tax code. When you create invoice from billable time, this tax code will be automatically added to all billable time line items. The same goes for disbursements.

I was attempting to enter a single entry for one month of an employee’s time (40hr/wk for 4 wks) to a single project. I’ve since gone back into Manager and found out that I can generate multiple “Billable Time” entries and when I create a new Sales Invoice I’m able to select which entries I want to invoice. I was applying my engineering logic to the accounting process, my bad.

Somewhere in one of these blogs there was something about a new Timesheet, any updates on that?

Timesheets will be for payroll (to be able generate payslips more easily). Billable time is strictly for keeping track of work which has been done for clients so clients can be billed in future.

Timesheets haven’t been added yet.


Great feature. I’m having an issue with one thing though…
Since the billable time uses the sub ledger (fees from work & progress & work in progress movement)… how do I get the invoice line items to show in the appropriate income categories?
For instance…
When I make deposits without invoices they show in my parent income categories; accounting, web, etc.
When I use billable -> invoice (with fees from work in progress line item) everything works correctly except income always shows in fees from account. Is the only solution to sub-categorize the fees from account?
Of course if I change the invoice line item to my appropriate income account outside of fees from the billable items don’t show invoiced and when I try to manually change the status to invoiced no invoice will show up in search box.

Right now, you are limited as you describe. @lubos has promised some further improvements to this module, as well as better integration with Disbursements (for billable expenses) and Sales Invoices. It would be great to be able to recategorize hourly billings.

One possibility, if you aren’t using them for something else, is to use tracking codes to separate categories. Not ideal, but possibly useful.

One thing I’ve done to make the P&L statement a little more obvious is to rename the Fees from work in progress account to Service sales (hourly). I have other sales income accounts that don’t rely on Billable Time. Of course, that doesn’t change the underlying limitation.

Following up on the same subject, I have a couple of questions:

  1. how to write off billable time when the invoice is issued
  2. when the invoice is paid, the payment is recorded in Accounts Receivable to offset the same invoice, correct?
  3. how to convert Fees from work in progress to sales?