Billable time not accurate

I am trying to use the Billable time feature for the first time and I have noticed that something is not correct.
I am charging for 5 hours and 40 minutes equals 340 minutes.
The math on this is as follow;
$42 divided by 60 minutes equals $0.70/minute
now, multiplying those 340 minutes by $0.70 equals $238
However, when I proceed to do the Invoice, there is an increase of $0.14 that I have no clue where it comes from.
I tried using the 5 hours 40 minutes tabs and also just by using the minutes tab under Billable time.
Any chance to have this addressed or some guidance on how to fix this, please?
Than you in advance for your time and quick reply!

This is a combination of a different calculation method and rounding error.

First, Manager does not calculate the number of minutes or a minute rate. It converts to decimal hours and multiplies by the hourly rate. You will see that invoices generated from billable time list the number of hours in this format.

Second, the decimal hours are rounded to two decimal places. So your 40 minutes become 0.67 hours.

Your total calculated charge is 5.67 x 42 = 238.14. While this might irritate you, it will not appear incorrect to the customer, who sees a sales invoice for 5.67 hours at 42.00 per hour. This is equivalent to you simply entering an invoice with a tiny fraction of an hour more or less time than you recorded under Billable Time. Billable time entries are really placeholders anyway.

If you want to really be precise, you can edit the invoice to show 5.666666 hours, which will cause the amount to round to 238.00.

Dear Tut,

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to me!

I worked things out by placing a line below stating Amended Adjustment and placing a negative value of – 14.

This round things up to the accurate value.

The issue there is that the customer is not that savvy with those fractions and also, they keep track on this by minutes as well.

I personally just found it strange that Manager can not calculate the appropriate time since as we enter it but, I am not an expert in that field.

Thank you once again for the help and feedback!

Have a wonderful Day!

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Thank you Tut!
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