Billable time - bullet list or new line?

Is it possible to use bullet list or new line for tasks have been completed for the job. Tried Markdown language, doesn’t work.

Are you referring to entries in the Description field of the New Billable Time entry screen? And further, are you suggesting that Markdown notation carry across to the sales invoice? (Note that billable time entries themselves cannot be seen via a View button, only an Edit button, so the Markdown notation would remain visible on the edit screen, but not the result.)

I suspect that might raise havoc with the line structure of the sales invoice, but @lubos will have to render his opinion.

I will offer the perspective that the purpose of a billable time entry is not to document job status or completion. It is only to enter a specific period of billable labor, such as a day’s billable work. Job costing and tracking capabilities have been mentioned as possible future developments.

Why not enter each bullet list item as a new billable time entry?

I suspect what @ed2016 is trying to do is, for a single time entry, record detailed information about what was accomplished.


I still think each task should be recorded as separate billable time. The missing piece is that in future it will be possible to take all that billable time, group it together and show it on sales invoice as a bullet list with single amount (if you don’t want to reveal breakdown to customer).

Would this workflow solve the issue?

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I, for one, would love to be able to group billable time entries into categories and then have the option to generate either a detailed invoice or a high-level invoice, depending on a customer’s needs.

Customer A might want to see each entry as a separate line-item, while Customer B just wants to see everything together as a single “Consulting services” line-item. In both cases, though, I want to maintain detailed, granular records in Manager. Currently I have to use a spreadsheet for Customer B and then transcribe the total at the end of the month into Manager.