Bill of materials module

When can we expect the bill of material module?

I might add it sometime next month. Keep in mind, you can clone existing manufacturing orders so it’s not like you have to re-type them each time.

Hi, any updates on the bill of materials module, ie if you can multiply quantities to make multiple items?

@Lloyd_Kusi, you are responding on an 8 year old post. You have been able to enter calculations in fields for several years.

Lol, am new to, how do I enter calculations in fields?

5*5 will result in 25
10-5 will result in 5
5+5 will result in 10
5/5 will result in 1
5*5*5 will be 125

Also look at the guides as recommended for all new and existing users, for example Perform calculations in number fields | Manager

Thanks very helpful