Bill of Materials - Manufacturing order items

Could you please allow us to add new information on the go rather than going back to menu to add a bill of material item or a manufacturing order item? It will be easier to have an add button or something when we input the information. Thank you

Eventually this will be added, but do you really create new inventory items so often that this would be really helpful?

It is not that often but in my case I have a lot of raw materials in a single invoice which I have to input one by one as on invoice. it would save a lot of time going back and forth and would be quite handy if i can do it all at once with a single transaction. I wouldn’t say is that urgent but if is possible it would help a lot.

I agree I think the ability to go to purchase invoice and if the item isn’t recognised in inventory it will still let you add the item and put it into stock with the correct quantity.
Item sales price could be added later. Otherwise you have to click on inventory items to add item then you loose all items on purchase invoice and have to start again which is time consuming and a bit annoying !
The ability to save purchase invoice or draft. So can continue editing later may be an idea but really the ability to add items from purchase invoice is a must.

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Can you please make it easy to save bill of materials. So whenever we need, we can simply give the number of of finished items. This helps us a lot.

Any estimate on this or is it not possible to implement?

Not yet, being able to create new customers, suppliers, inventory items within dropdown menu will be good usability enhancement but it’s also a bit more work. There are still a few loose ends in terms of missing functionality in various modules which I’m trying to address first. Once those holes are plugged, I’m going to concentrate more on polishing and usability and that will include being able to create new inventory items from within various transactions. Don’t have ETA but it could take 2-3 months before I get to it.

Keep in mind, if you are creating new invoice, you don’t have to discard it. Save the progress by hitting “Create” button on the invoice (even if it’s not complete). Then go to Inventory items tab to add new items, then go back to the invoice and continue where you left it.

That sounds great Lubos. Flexibility in all areas especially with new info would save us a lot of time. Thank you for your efforts!