Best way to record money coming in and out

Hey guys have just stumbles across this piece of software and I have to say it looms amazing, I was just wondering if someone was able to walk me through the best way to use this for my bunnies.

I run a small audio business and just want a way to track money coming in and out for each gig and in total
for example
per gig a way to track
-total value of gig
-cost of wages
-cost of travel/expense

also want to be able to track purchase made by the business for example new gear

I have just experimented with journal entries and believe this is doing what I want to achieve but also believe that this is not the correct way in doing so
would very much appreciate any help. thank you

Start by reading the Guides. Then, I suggest setting up a test business. If you have specific questions you cannot find answers to in the Guides, ask them here.

Journal entries should be used as an external ratio if you don’t find a specific solution in the settings

Journal entries cannot be used in Manager for any transaction involving money moving into or out of a cash or bank account.