Beauty salon/ what is the best way to process inventory

First of all, I am a big fan and user of Manager, and am very impressed and happy with this program.

I have a beauty salon, and by hair products etc to use for my services.
What is the best way to process the inventory that I buy, as I do not resell the product (except every once in a while) and I do not have invoices to send to the customers

Don’t use the inventory module. This is mean for products that you buy and then sell, not for consumables that you use to carry out your business.

I would use Purchase Invoice Items to buy the goods and you can use Sales Invoice Items for the odd hair product sale.

However, if you don’t provide invoices to customers then you don’t really need Sales Invoice Items either. Just receive money in bank account and select sales as the income account.

Inventory Module is not relevant to your business. However if you want to physically keep track of consumables bought, I believe that the warehousing module coming out soon will help with that.

Okay, thanks a lot :smile:

Technically speaking, you can utilize inventory. This way you can track how much you should have on hand.

Since most of your products will be used by the business rather than sold, you need to use Inventory write-offs tab to record each inventory item you use. Inventory write-offs will basically allow you to decrease your inventory count and allocate the cost value to some expense account.

I don’t see the tab Purchase Invoice Items / Sales Invoice Items , Pls help me locate them @lubos

Purchase Invoice Items / Sales Invoice Items no longer exist and have been replaced by Non Inventory Items.

Please STOP asking the same question under different topics.

I also work in beauty salon. We use manager too (without inventory mdule) and are very satisfied with it.

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