Be able to hide app features that are not used anymore

In Conclusion,
There are two groups of users on this topic- one who supports the idea (Including me ) and other who does not support the idea.
Supporters are -
And me
We are saying this idea will lead to simplicity of user interface and makes it easy to use software.
Non-Supporters are-
They are saying this will lead to Confusion to many users as how the tabs containing data are hidden.

All other users are silent on this topic.
So, we have to wait for @lubos decision. If he likes the idea he will add it to #ideas Category and if he dislikes the idea he will close the topic.

So, i want to request all the users to stop the discussion here and wait for @lubos decision.

I did not post anything in relation to whatever @Patch wrote. I made general observations related to your posts. Please point out where I did in any of my posts, i.e. #'s 12, 15, 29, 30, and 31.

Please point out where I expressed any support or no support for the idea. I was making an observation about how we should be free to discuss items on this forum.

Ok, I give you that. You were strongly making a point that anyone can have the freedom to talk and

This was a response to my:

Then I said that

My main point was that he is not talking to the point, meaning he is off topic. Ok?

So if someone respond to a specific topic with some random ideas that have nothing to do with the topic, then I have all the right to say:

So the man returned and gave a nice response on topic. Maybe I putted it with a hard tone, sometimes written words can be hard without intention.

I don’t know how to explain it. This conversation is getting also out of topic, the topic isn’t about freedom of opinion. I support that, but in a structured forum there are rules.

Sorry I misunderstood what you’ve said.

add ‘dalacor’ to the supporters, you can edit your post, even if the topic is closed.

People seem to have expressed their ideas and positions. We are not voting. And the discussion has strayed far from the issue. So I am closing the topic.