Batch Update Limitation in Receipt and Payment tab

@lubos. I have like 200++ line of data need to be update. In reference I decide it to use non unique sequence numbering similar to manager’s default auto numbering. which made me realize the limit that it can update up to 108 line items as per bulk update view. no gap of sequence number. So key column might not be the issue.

When I try to continue update by sequence number 109 of reference including header column as per the format. unable to update it just do nothing.

I try again bulk update by copy everything I edit again. it still only update upto 108 lines the rest just not capture. as if the rest payment and receipt just not exist within manager. I check again within the tab of receipt and payment the uncapture data still there didn’t change, it mixed with the captured updated data of 108 line items.

using version 18.9.41

I have the backup pre update, the spreadsheet data I edit to be updated via bulk update, and post- update data. Can compare.

I have also experienced some similar (perhaps not identical) problems when using Batch Update. For me, after several attempts, everything updated. I have no explanation. But what you might try is updating in batches of 100, since 108 works. Either copy the existing data selectively before pasting into a spreadsheet or delete all but 100 rows in the spreadsheet. Then paste the 100 rows back. As long as you have all the hexadecimal keys in place, Manager knows what to do with the data being pasted. And other data is not disturbed.

Of course, always perform a backup before doing any batch operations, just in case of trouble.

I tried again the same as you suggested @tut it did nothing no error or whatsoever. I start from 109 to 130 plus with the column header.

Another what I did to confirm the issue may not be the 100 line item issue I delete all of the reference number and update. and it capture it well all of it.

Ok I narrowed down the cause.

When you edit anything to do with the reference column or did not edit anything it captures it well all of it. but when you edit the custom field for example in my case I add extra document associate reference number and another custom field for description. Manager did nothing.

Also When I delete the custom field data, it accepts the changes, but to add the in custom field it refused. @lubos

WOW, it works. @Tut I don’t know the details of what is happening. what I did

Whenever I updated until 108. This time I delete all the data up to 108 without deleting the rows (excel) so there is the gap between headers and row from 109. Update again with the rest of data. it just update without problems.

Ok people for me its a different issue but still relevant to the topic “Batch update of payment & Receipt” so i didn’t bothered to create another topic. The problem is that Batch operations for Payment & Receipts Tab is a great option but when i create or update a batch, there is no data available regarding payment or receipt amount. So whenever i want to transfer bulk data for payment and receipts voucher, i still have to enter their value by editing all of the imported items one by one. its a very tedious task.Well i dont know if its a problem or its the way it is, but it surely makes batch update/creation a tough job with half of the work done. Any guidance on this @Tut @acecombat2 ?

I have yet to test the cash account for any batch action regarding Receipt and Payment tab. For Bank account I start off with Import Bank Statement then Batch update.

My opinion the batch operation and bank import statement need to combine. The issue with Batch Operation it does not have review listing before update (Checking Process for Chart of Account Assignment with Bank Rules feature) similar to import bank statement. Batch Operation and Import Bank Statement are prone to mistakes higher risk. Since there is no indication of suspense account.

So there is the need of improvements before the batch operation can be utilise fully. I wish the import bank statement allows additional custom field column based on payment and receipt setting for bank account.

Based on what I understand your scenario of entering the data based on ‘physical’ voucher? would be the same amount of effort you’re entering one by one with usual form of new entry record. Unless of course you have the spreadsheet data (which is ideal). Currently, as you discovered batch operation does not cater ‘amount’ and ‘coa’ column. Which is incomplete by design. No other choice, you have to key in normally by not using the batch operation Unless you want to risk of trouble just like I did in above previous post where it did not import all of the data.

You are correct. Batch operations are not meant for bulk entry of receipt or payment amounts. Consider these facts:

  1. Bank transactions are meant to be entered in bulk using the Import Bank Statement function.

  2. Cash transactions are not meant to be entered in bulk at all, because there would be nowhere to obtain them that did not require manual data entry in the first place. So you might as well make those entries directly into Manager.

Other fields on receipts and payments can be manipulated with batch operations. For example, you might want to change clearance dates, modify inventory locations, or alter custom themes in bulk.

Thanks. I guess i will stick to manual receipt & payment entries.

Okay. That solves it then. Thanks

I just got bumped into this topic while i was surfing in the history for the relevant ones which i had as a doubt and i am happy i really found one As per the discussion by Faridkhan and Tut regarding the batch update of payments and receipts TUT says “Cash transactions are not meant to be entered in bulk at all, because there would be nowhere to obtain them that did not require manual data entry in the first place. So you might as well make those entries directly into Manager.”
I just want to ask what if someone has just found your beautiful software and want to update their previous existing data from excel in to the manager - then the thought of batch update for payments and receipts would be a reasonable one, along with which we can also have a option in the excel sheet during the batch update to sort each transaction as payment or receipt.

hope i have a reasonable ques to ask because i have a lot of data entered in excel to update so i think it is more resonable to have option like faridkhan asked.

Manager is not designed for wholesale transfer of accounting data from other accounting systems and methods. Nor, really, is any accounting program on the market. Differences in database structures are the impediment. When organizations make such shifts, and want to incorporate old data, they generally end up paying very large amounts for development of customized migration software.

If you are migrating to Manager from a previous system, the best way is to set starting balances. See When you need to refer to old records, have the old spreadsheets available.