Batch Quantity

Hello all.

My client is tea importer + retailer + whole seller.
They are importing tea in bags which consist of 80 kg per bag.
They are selling as per bags and in Kgs as well.

I tried using inventory kit but the client asked me to generate an inventory report consists of “no of bags” and “no of kgs”.

I cannot find a way to do it in manager.

Can you help me please it is urgent.

An inventory item can only have one unit of measure (called Unit Name).

However, you can define two inventory items for the same tea, one in bags and the other in kilograms. Use production orders to “produce” kilogram items from bag items. Manager will then track them separately. But it will not combine them. For example, let’s say you have 10 bags on hand. No report will show 10 bags and 800 kgs, because that would be double-counting your inventory.

Inventory kits won’t work because you don’t stock inventory kits. They are for things you stock separately but often (though not always) sell together. For example, you stock glass jars and metal lids. Customers can buy them separately, or they can buy a jar/lid kit. Kits are “assembled” only when fulfilling an order. Otherwise, the components remain separate.

For example:
If I made two separate inventory item(bags and kg) for the same inventory and then I sold 40 kg of tea from 1 bag then I have to make a journal entry for this to adjust it.


You would have the two Inventory items - Bulk Tea as bags and Loose Tea as Kgs.
You purchase in Bulk Tea. Via a Production Order you would convert 1 Bulk Tea into 80 Loose Tea, then you would sell 40 Loose Tea.

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How could I convert 1 bulk tea into 80 kg loose tea via journal entry?



Not via Journal, but via Production Order