Batch Printing Sales Invoices

Most PDF Software can do merging for free. You won’t need to pay expensive software to do that. I think even the basic function of Adobe Viewer can do that without going Pro.

The issue with this topic is to be able to Batch download/Print out multiple (by customer or by checkbox or by filter).

A temporary solution is I suppose there is “Batch export” and you can mail merge the data in a “invoice” like design and print from there.

Otherwise, you just have to click download and download each individual item for the time being. Also it help to use Web Browser as you open multi-tab.

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As you said the main issue is opening each report and saving it in pdf. Think also to the supplier statements. It takes a lot of time to open ech one and save it. Merging all of them in one pdf can be done for free and quickly with many softwares.


Hi is this feature under development or ??? This feature is very much required not only for invoices but also for printing payslips of say 50 or 100 employees with single go instead of printing payslip of each employee one by one.

If you have 50 to 100 employees, you would be much better off using a payroll package instead of trying to run a payroll service in Manager

multi invoices printing is needed for us

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Added to the latest version (21.1.30).

There is Batch PDF button in the bottom-right corner when viewing any table with View buttons (not just invoices).


When the button is clicked, you will be able to select documents to compile into single PDF.


Tip: Selecting the first checkbox will select all items in the view.

Then click Batch PDF button at the bottom of the screen.



Great great innovation. Thanks @lubos

This is a great addition to the App :+1:t5:.

Great addition, very helpful.

Looking forward to batch emailing :grin:

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No words to say @lubos. Great addon to an excellent application. Thanks a lot.

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Is it too much to ask for batch print but in separate files. Ex. Print 50 invoices, but as 50 files, not one single file. This way monthly recurring invoices for example can be print/or emailed very fast.

It will always need to be a single file but I guess there could be an option to produce either single merged PDF or ZIP archive which can contain individual PDFs.


ZIP of individual files is also OK, better than nothing :slight_smile: Is there real problem of outputting single files?

@MarV http protocol limitations. This does not matter for desktop edition but it would be an issue for users on cloud and server editions. It needs to be single file.

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ZIP is ok then.

I vote for the zip file!


Thank you

Hi Lubos. Just tried the Batch PDF but got a curious output.

I tried printing two PL reports using the Batch PDF function. The PDF creation worked quickly but the PDF did not contain the two PL reports. Instead, “Not yet implemented” appears in the upper left corner of both pages.

I’ve tried it using two businesses and get the same result.

Running Big Sur 11.1 on an M1 Air. Running Manager 21.1.35.

test batch PDF.pdf (61.6 KB)

Read the Guide: Use the Batch View function | Manager. See the bottom note.