Batch Printing Sales Invoices

this batch seems to be a strong request by many including me. It was raised a few years back by other tickets too.

I am using the Manager for sales invoices, receipts credit notes and quotes. I send all of these documents by email so I don’t print them.
However every 3 months I need to send a printout of all to my accountant since is using different software. It’s very awkward to open the documents one by one for printing.

any chance of implementing this feature please?

many thanks for your support

Ask your accountant to download a free copy of the desktop edition. Then you can just email the backup file and no one will need to enter things again or print anything. If he or she refuses, remind the accountant who pays the bill.

I dont think it’s reasonable to use all the programs his clients use
I wouldn’t , define tely if I was in his shoes

I think its perfectly reasonable to expect the accountant to use your program. You use Manager daily, they use Manager usually once a year to do end of year returns, although sometimes more often.

However my accountant uses her program for my end of year return. All she does is takes the figures from my Manager books and copies it across into her books.

as you say, yr accountant does also uses her own software. Since my accountant has about 50 clients like my company, you appreciate that is not feasible to have about 50 different programs on their computers for each client separately. Obviously each client uses more or less different software than the others…

However, again, my question is if it’s possible to be able batches of invoices (purchasing or sales) easily. The question is not if any accountant should use or not our programs.

I would appreciate if this feature can be available by the programmers, however if not I do thank you again for a great free software I am using.

No. Your question is really whether there is a way to transfer large numbers of transactions from one accounting system to another. The reason this does not work is that every accounting system uses its own database structure. Variables required for one are not available in another.

But there is no reason an accountant should require access to every individual transaction to file your taxes. The accountant should be able to work with the reports Manager produces, in paper form.

The need from my accountant of the invoices is a secondary request and I repeat that I cannot understand why you are circling around of this issue
I send all involces to my clients over email. I am legally bound to have printed invoices. I am not always near a printer and therefore I print them every one or two months all together at my office.

Even so, on either case, even if my accountant he would need to print them all together as he is an employee (different company managing my accounts).

If a feature cannot be implemented, then fine; I can live with this. No need for critisising comments as to if we’re doing it right or wrong…

No one is circling around anything. But your posts have been a little confusing.

Initially, you said you wanted to “send a printout of all to my accountant since is using different software.” You were given a suggestion on how to avoid printing anything by asking your accountant to download a free program. Almost no skill with Manager would be required to look at transactions. Some discussion followed about what is reasonable to expect from an accountant when you are paying for services.

Additional questions were asked about why an accountant would need to see individual invoices. You did not answer that question, so it was impossible for other forum members to understand what you wanted to accomplish. It seemed like you were searching for a way to transfer accounting data. So information was provided about why that is not possible.

Now, it seems your real issue is only batch printing, at least for your own use. That is not available in Manager.

But you again raise the subject of your accountant printing all your invoices, without saying what the purpose is.

No one is criticizing you, just trying to help without knowing your goal. If we know what you are trying to accomplish, there may be a way to do it.

You posted it right - that was the real issue - sorry for the confusion and thnx for yr comments

Hi @Tut,

I really want to know when the batch printing function can be available because now every month i have to print out the monthly recurring invoice one by one by clicking into each of the invoice page, I have to repeat the routine work more then 150 times per month. So I am in hunger for the batch printing function, thx.

Lewin Kee

I am not the developer and know nothing about schedules or plans for software changes. I am a user and forum moderator.

I am sure there are 100’s if not many more users (me included) hanging on for the ability to send bulk recurring invoices (in my case weekly) and bulk statements to customers. This dates back to 2015 and has been a long time coming and will be most welcomed when the features finally eventuate. It must be one of the most wanted features under development. I hope @lubos will be able to finalise this feature in the not too distant future. Thanks for a fantast program getting better and better each version.


Well I hope this printing applicable to all listing view, not just sales invoices. The batch I had in mind is like checkbox near on the left side of each line transactions. Then the UI will be available the radio button to be click to execute, such as printing, delete, or export as pdf/csv format.

I also had this idea of flagging (mark) transactions to be view in custom listing for reviewing purposes, it made the manager or supervisor easily to finalize the data.

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any updates yet !?

Unfortunately these types of User efficiency features seem to have a low priority as noted by the March 2016 date for this topic.

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@brucanna and @tut do you guys prepare the transactions with pdf for for auditor, or is better to give access online (view) or a copy of manager backup file?

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That is a decision for you to make, @acecombat2. My personal preference is to give any government auditor precisely what has been asked for in the most restrictive format possible and nothing else. Generally, that means a specially prepared paper document answering only the specific question asked. To my own accountant, I provide only standard financial statements to support tax filing, because I’m not legally required to have any of my businesses audited.


got it.

My business has grown to the point where I need to register for VAT. My tax authority wants to see all my sales invoices to date (more than 300). I have most of them as PDFs already, but might need to update them to include more customer details, so I’m looking forward to having the ability to batch export sales invoices. I’m hoping they’re not going to insist I print them all, but if they do I think that should be easy enough (if expensive) by using PDF software to merge them all into a single document and printing that.

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Hi GrahamvdR, you can always try PDFMate - its a FREE PDF Merger

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