Multi Voucher Printing

Please add this to your to-do and implement it maybe next year if possible.

  • The ability to print all vouchers of a voucher type within a specified period e.g
  • Print all Payslips generated between 1st May 2015 -31st December 2015
  • Print all Sales invoices between 1st Dec 2015 to 31st Dec 2015
  • Print All journal Entries Between …
  • Print all Receipt …

Some users may need to print these for auditing purposes and also reduce workload on printing and filing after a day of many transactions.

Also, after a payroll process (recurring Payslips), the user can just use this feature to print payslips instead of viewing and printing all the payslips manually, imaging a company with 60 staff.

2 If possible also consider the ability to print all vouchers within a specified period, this will print every entry made wherever in Manager for that period

You may call this feature “Multi Transaction Printing” Under Reports

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I agree there are some situations when you want to print in bulk (e.g. payslips, recurring sales invoices, customer statements) but it’s not yet something I’m planning to work on in upcoming weeks. Ask again in 2 or 3 months.

Thank you sir

Hello! Just saw this, and this is a very good thing to be planned on being incorporated, I am planning to post on a topic like this, because the enterprise I am part of would like to minimise the “paper” we are using once handing out the payslips, we can’t do this because we have to print them one by one.

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Any update on batch printing?

No sorry. Batch printing (or batch emailing) will happen when Manager will be able to generate PDFs internally which is something I really want to work on soon.

Hi, and updates on this yet so far?

Well, the update is that Manager is now able to generate PDFs internally so batch printing will be coming soon.

Hi Lubos, did you manage to implement multi voucher printing option? One more thing if you can do is to add customized printing options e.g in bank/cash receipts/payments vouchers you can’t see Bank Account and Account details in view option. So if we can select which fields to show while printing, would be great help.

That has not been implemented.

Also, please do not mix unrelated requests or questions into an existing topic. That guarantees the people you want to see them probably will not.

Dear Lubos, Can We do Batch printing now in Aug-2020?

What about Batch printing in full details of each entry (voucher) now in July 2021? @lubos

There’s now a batch PDF button for every tab.