Batch of Close invoices


I am trying to find closed invoices , usually form dawn of invoices tab I clicked on (Batch open and close invoices) it was worked , but today it seems I have an issue with that , please see screenshots attached .

Using cloud edition ,any help would be appreciated

Although I do not get your error message, I do get unexpected behaviour in that in my case it does not show any of the invoices, the list remains blanc so can not open or close any of them. @Lubos and moderators please check and move it to bug category and fix. I use Server Edition number on ubuntu 20.04 TLS. The issue only appeared since the last update.

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Fixed in the latest version (

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Not fixed, please see screenshot. I use Server edition v23.3.19.729. As you can see I have 179 Purchase invoices. Most of them are “closed” using batch close function in some versions before. Now when trying the same it just does not list any of the invoices to close or reopen. Please fix.

I was fixing the error reported by OP. Batch Open or Close Invoices window will only show:

  • Invoices that are closed but have non-zero balance due
  • Invoices that are open but have zero balance due

So perhaps none of your invoices fall into those two categories above.

Please see screenshot below. We were until some versions ago able to batch close and batch re-open these invoices. Now as presented before the batch close screen shows no list anymore.

for completeness, list batch open or close invoices is empty.

@eko you might be misremembering this. Batch open / close invoices screen has always shown only invoices for which it would make sense. From your screenshot, none of those 4 invoices would be eligible to be batch opened or closed because they are already closed while paid in full or open while having balance due.

`I am indeed confused. Why was it possible until recent updates to reopen a closed invoice using batch open or close?

You can batch reopen closed invoice only if the invoice had balance due (thus should be open, not closed). It was always working this way.

Past versions are at Releases · Manager-io/Manager · GitHub

You can do your own testing and see for yourself.