Batch function - Purchase invoices do not include footer code

Hello all,
I tried to update all Purchase Invoices through Batch Update function in order to add a new Footer.
I have created some invoices with the new Footer to copy the respective code to the rest of the them in the spreadsheet program.
However, despite the fact that there is a column “HasPurchaseInvoiceFooters” (to change from False to True), there is no column with the Footer code to be copied (like custom themes).
Am I missing something?
Could this feature be added/fixed in batch function?
Cloud version -

Hi @evans,
That’s right, you cannot Batch update or Batch create footers in any tab.

Since Batch update should theoretically work across all fields, this seems like a deviation from what is being expected.

I’m placing this in bugs.

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Actually, this has been already posted in ideas category.