Batch Create & Update Refunds

In an older version of Manager, the receipts & payments were grouped together, and so when batch creating entries, there was a column to specify which you were creating and all of the columns were the same (for receipts and payments).
It was easy to create REFUND transactions. Initially by having a negative number in the Lines.Amount field. Eventually that couldn’t be done, so I just absolute valued the Lines.Amount field and changed the type to “payment”

But now that the receipts and payments and broken up in Manager, it won’t accept negative Lines.Amounts for receipts. After I batch create and go back to check, all of those entries are $0.00 instead of the negative number.

Even if I manually adjust the Lines.Amount in Manager, then do a batch update (where I copy from manager, paste into excel, make NO changes, copy and paste it back into manager) it shows me the negative number I want to the preview changes screen, but then once posted it goes back to $0.00.

How do I batch create/update a negative receipt?

I’d like to avoid having to do a batch creation of payments just for receipts since that would force me to have a whole separate set of columns