Batch create invoice and does not deduct actual inventory

Hi, I used Batch create function to create invoice, and i added inventory keys at Lines.Item column provided in Batch Update inventory data, but the invoice created does not correlate to the actual inventory as the cost of goods sold is not reflected in the summary, please help.

You need to provide much more information and illustrate with screen shots. You do not even specify what type of invoice—sales or purchase.

Its’s sales invoice,
i used batch update function to get each inventory item key,

and match with my sales data to be imported

Data imported successfully created sales invoice

but when i check the cost of good sold under summary, the purchase invoice that i imported was not reflected
which means the inventory amount was not deducted by the create sales invoice

I checked the sales invoice and it looks fine


please advice

The screen shots provide no information about purchase invoices or cost of goods. You need to explain what you think is wrong and why.

how use batch function for invoices, i tried to find from forum and guide but don’t find any proper help.

After i imported the sales invoice, the system should debit cost of goods sold (inventory items) and credit sales right? The problem is cost of goods sold wasn’t debited in this case.

Invoice will credit sales but not necessarily debit cost of goods sold. If your inventory quantity is negative, then there is no amount in Inventory on hand so nothing to debit cost of goods sold with.

If inventory is negative, then cost of goods sold will be debited when inventory is purchased or produced.