Batch create failed to import the Lines.Amount

Have used batch create to import certain transactions on receipt and payment, but found that it does help for the other field, but cannot import the Lines.Amount. Please refer to the screenshot below. Also don’t know why the BankAccount and Lines.Account became all strange symbols.

May anyone help? Thanks

Those are UUIDs. Search the forum for discussions about them.

I tried to search the UUIDs in below link, but still no idea to resolve the problem.

Previously I success to import the Lines.Amount but currently can’t export the amount and all need to type the amount into each transaction one by one. Would this issue can be solved? Seems it’s not related to the issue of UUIDs. Thanks!

@Hugo Create an entry manually then use batch update to see how it is represented.

I believe in this case you will find line feed ,< lf > is used between line items in a field and carriage return < cr > at the end of each record

Already done the batch create by amending a file generated from batch update by creating a record. The problem still exists. Don’t know for what reason the amount always disappear even though the number format in the record generated from batch update is correct.

Number formats could be your problem. If you’re working in Excel, for example, you may not be creating a TSV file to paste back into Manager. The program is not expecting an Excel-formatted number.