Batch Create Custom Fields Garbled

The custom fields when I try to Batch create does not show the names anymore:

Before it used to show the name in brackets like this:

How Can I fix this? I Don’t understand which random number is for which custom field.

  • The random numbers are UUID, a unique number to identify each field.

  • If you look at a record where you know what has been entered in each field you will be able to work out what each number stands for (which will be constant for that variable and business).

  • Lubos may recreate something similar but I do not know what his plans are.

So it has changed in recent versions? Is it a bug or an improvement? Because before the names used to show.

This behavior is related to that described—by coincidence—in another topic today: Custom Report: What does it mean?. See my explanation there for how these UUIDs appear. It is neither a bug nor an improvement. It is just the result of having custom fields—which the program cannot predict—when other features are added.

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I see.
Is there any way I can fix it? Because I never made any changes to the fields or anything, like what it says in the linked post.

I don’t think there is anyway to “fix” this. UUIDs are used throughout the program. When they show up in batch operations, you need to proceed as @Patch described to figure out what they refer to. The same would be true of many other variables, subaccounts, etc.

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I do not know what the long term plan is. Using a machine generated unique identifier ensures they are unique. If a user assigned name is used some other method needs to be used to ensure the names are unique

However at one time Lubos was hoping to eliminate them

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