Barcodes for Inventory & Non Inventory Items - an illustrated example

Aah, I always wondered what SKU stood for! You learn something new everyday!

  1. Firstly, Barcode the word not the image would be the reference within the Guide commentary.

  2. Secondly, The barcode image (black lines) is never incorporated / utilised within Manager.

Correct, and that is exactly what is being illustrated by @compuit above - the Item code being created within Manager is the alphanumeric representation of the barcode, not the barcode image itself.

Furthermore, this was clearly explained by @compuit in post #2 with “we scan in the barcode data of stock items into the Item Code field under Inventory”. NOTE barcode data not barcode image.

This is a very condescending put down of @compuit contribution. It is clearly obvious that @compuit has spent a considerable amount of time in trailing and setting up barcode usage and were openly prepared to share that experience with other users and yet you trivialise their post with your response.

As an side and off topic but @Tut you always seem to be negativity disposed towards a user’s suggestion such as in @Abeiku “there needs to be a Guide for this”.

The Guides are filled with “limitations” as you noted in the topic “No effect on selection” with the quote “The limitations on reporting of multi-component custom tax codes in the Tax Summary report was already described and illustrated in the Guide”, YET when there is an opportunity for the Guides to be positive / inclusive of an users experience which expands upon the programme’s basic feature - such as usage of barcodes - you become instantly discouraging.

Currently the existing Guides go beyond the programme’s basic features.
Take the Guide “Post inter account transfers from imported bank statements”.
That Guide is an explained SOLUTION to resolve the conflict between two Manager features the Inter Account Transfer and the Import Bank Statement. So why can’t positive user suggested enhancements using real world features (barcodes) also be Guide inclusions.

Anyhow @Tut , besides you claiming to be just a Manager user with the side caption of moderator what makes you the arbitrator of what Manager Guides should contain.