Barcode for Tax Invoice Disappear

Barcode for Tax Invoice Disappeared
after solving the problem of( [500 (Internal Server Error)]
Kindly fix this problem

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i have same problem

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i have same problem

Dear Lubos @lubos

please have a look to the issue
Barcode in Sales Invoices for Saudi Arabia Disappear now

Cloud Edition
Release No

I have the same problem

This has been related to earlier issue today. It’s now fixed.

To force the latest version on cloud edition, you can go to then login then click Restart Cloud Server.



I am from Saudi Arabia… I am manager cloud server user…3years…
yesterday problem the server…when restert the server…now provlem fo QR code not genarate…
before setting/ buissness details have country setting after resert not avilavle this setting this option…
dear support please check and add the country setting…

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