Bank statement import dupicates

I am just here to report as issue that I have never seen before.

I imported a bank statement. Manger reported it was going to import 14 transactions.

What I got is dupicates of everything. Freaking out I manually opened the qif file in a text editor and saw only 14 transactions whoch is correct!

Therefore I conclude Manager has decided to generate duplicates.

I manually went through and deleted EVERYTHING it imported so I am back to the beginning.

Imported the same qif file and this time eveything was OK.

A little fraustrating…

Im on version



Manager does not do any automation and this is human error. You should have clicked on History and it would usually delete the whole import in one go, saving you time. Also it is good practice to make a backup before importing a new statement, I would also advise you to regularly update Manager, For Desktoo versions use Download | Manager you will notice that we are currently on v23.9.21.1010 so many versions further (yours is 723 of 18 (18) March(3) 2023 (23). We are now 1010 of 21 September 2023.

Exactly what do you mean by this? Is every bank transaction duplicated? Or are you looking at double entry accounting postings? Provide screenshots.