Bank Statement Import (CSV)

Hi Everyone, @lubos

Firstly I’d like to say amazing job on this software it it truly amazing, I can’t believe I’ve finally found the perfect solution for my needs.

Anyway I’m getting all my account data imported, and there are many transactions which I have lots of data on e.g. notes which easily fit into your notes section on payment details.

Can I do this by using the CSV data import?

Thanks in response,


Why import past transactions? Set a start date and opening balances.

I don’t believe you can import data into the notes field but you can test that by completing some test data and export. If it shows up in the export file, then just re-arrange your data to match that file.

Well I’m using manager to deal with my business accounting, but also I’ve started using it to get a tabs of my personal finances too. I realise manager is more business oriented but I have been able to categorise all my expenses into separate accounts nicely.

I was just wondering if its possible to import notes data somehow as it would help me decide how to categorise some transactions.

This would be helpful in my case to really understand whats being going on in the past, rather than any concrete requirement.

Thanks for the help…